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Alicia's Dominant Persuasion

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Alicia's Dominant Persuasion

I had lived with her for 3 years.. She was stronger than I was but only because of all those weights she lifted hour after hour. It wasn't like that at first; she was quiet, soft, obedient, and rich.

Title: Alicia's Dominant Persuasion
Running time: 35 minutes

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Alicia's Dominant Persuasion

Then she started bodybuilding, wrestling, judo, triathlons, 100 mile bike rides. Then she got mean. She thought I should get a job,! She had gone too far so I stood up to her- I got physical .. I got the beating of my life. She locked my head between her thighs, crossed her ankles and began to squeeze. Her smooth thighs turned to breaded steel, her arms bulged with muscle, her back rippled -I thought she would kill me-she used her body to torture, crush, dominate, twist, bend me to the breaking point. She didn't count on getting so turned on that she "persuaded" me to stay until she was through using me as some sort of sexual object. She dominated me with muscle. She was possessed with erotic power!

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