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Amazon Fitness Wrestler

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Amazon Fitness Wrestler

I had seen her on the American Gladiator TV show. Shannon is from Dallas, Texas. At 6 feet and 170 lbs. I knew she was powerful. When she was not on TV, she was a personal trainer.

Title: Amazon Fitness Wrestler
Running time: 40 minutes

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Amazon Fitness Wrestler

. I heard she could leg press 1000 lbs and bench press 250 lbs. She was a gymnast, cheerleader, kickboxer, track and field champion and competitive bodybuilder. I had to meet this girl! I did find her after being lucky enough to meet her at the national fitness championships. I hired her as my personal trainer and arranged to meet her the following Saturday. Shannon moved like a cat and surprised me when she told me she loved to wrestle! I should say she loved to dominate men with her long strong 26" thighs in every type of scissors known to "woman". I could tell body contact turned her on and squeezing a man until she forced me into submission and helplessness. She will wrestle you -call her if you dare!

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