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Charleen's Audition

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Charleen's Audition

Charleen is Golden Cat, the wrestler. She's mean, she has a temper. See what she can do to someone when she gets angry ...

Title: Charleen's Audition
Running time: 35 minutes

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Charleen's Audition

Charleen is late! She's mean, she has a temper! She is Golden Cat the wrestler. She wants to audition for the part of a wrestler for an upcoming movie production.

When the producer won't give her the chance because of 'unprofessional attitude'; she attacks! You've seen the Golden Cat in action before, you know what she can do to someone when she gets angry. Don't you? She hurts them with dancer trained legs and professional wrestling holds of every kind. She slowly wears him down, demanding the lead role, high pay and a percentage of the film.

The legs of the Golden Cat overpower him until he's knocked out cold in a heated deathlock.

Running Time: 35 minutes

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