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Crushing Curves

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Crushing Curves

As you know if you saw Nancy in her first video "A Savage Wife's Brutal Scissor Domination" - she is a World Fitness Champion who loves to wrestle.

Title: Crushing Curves
Running time: 50 minutes

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Crushing Curves

"Bill taught me how to wrestle, but it didn't take long for me to learn what my legs can do to a guy's neck or body -I can literally crush a man's ribs! When I told my boyfriend what my legs could do he snickered and wanted me to wrap my legs around him and make him submit. He has no idea what he was getting himself into he's an ex-boyfriend! You'll see what I can do in this video. I could break your ribs with a pelvic thrusting double-leg grapevine or a figure-four chest scissors. No one can escape once I lock around them. Just let me squeeze you, just once ...if you can take it I'd find you to be a very interesting man ... we might even do it again and again -if you could last, that is!"

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