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Female Dominance

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Female Dominance

Laina is 5'10, 140 lbs. She is designed to drain blood from your head to your crotch. She placed 2nd in the National Fitness Championships.

Title: Female Dominance
Running time: 40 minutes

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Female Dominance

I met her there in Las Vegas - she's a dancer! Those thighs could crush a man! I just knew she could wrestle, so as any normal male would, I asked if I could do a video of her wrestling. She said, "You're Bill Wick aren't you? I've seen all your videos - I love to wrestle, my boyfriend's a wrestler but I can beat him. My thighs can kill a man!" Oh my God. ..I've died and gone to scissor heaven, this girl wrestles, she squeezes men with her "pythonic pillars of passionate persuasion. Just look close at these photos. I knew she could grind rocks with her ass muscles and those thighs!! If you know what's good for you you'll part with some money and get this one!

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