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I Like Hurting You, Now Beg


I Like Hurting You, Now Beg

Every once in a long while a woman comes along with just the right combination of sexiness, beauty and muscle. Joy is one of those women... "I like the bedroom wrestling best.

Title: I Like Hurting You, Now Beg
Running time: 40 minutes

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I Like Hurting You, Now Beg

I enjoy a man who gets excited when I overpower him with my muscles. I like to sensuously control men and I do know how to wrestle! I like hurting them gently, sensuously with my thigh strength. I kiss and squeeze tighter and tighter until pleasure and pain make them beg. I'm 5'10", 135 lbs. I'm 30 years old, I've been wrestling since I was 15. I bodybuild, run, kickbox and teach ballet. I enjoy wrapping my body around a man until he's trapped in a love lock that's unbreakable. My legs are weapons of destruction or passion. I use them for pain or pleasure - my pleasure and their pain. You'll see what I mean. I can hurt you until you like it and beg for more. I could crush you.

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