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Natalia's Hot Sweaty Muscle Prison


Natalia's Hot Sweaty Muscle Prison

I am Natalia Murnikoviene ... You look at my legs! You like my legs? You like my muscles? I can kill you ... Natalia's method is to put guys in her “Muscle Prison” and squeeze them until they cry, beg, scream ... You’ll see!! This woman can crush a m

Title: Natalia's Hot Sweaty Muscle Prison
Running time: 45 minutes

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Natalia's Hot Sweaty Muscle Prison

Natalia's Hot Sweaty Muscle Prison

Muscle Prison? What the hell is a Muscle Prison? Natalia is Russian! She was on the Russian National Gymnastics Team in the early 1980's. In the late 1990's she was rated #2 in the world in bodybuilding. I met her in San Diego while she was vacationing. I thought about you guys, you know, getting her to a wrestling video. Her English wasn't too good…but God could she wrestle!

She plays the part of a psychologist in this video who cures men who like woman muscles (guys like us, ssh). Her method is to put them in her "Muscle Prison" and squeeze them until they cry, beg, scream and hurt so bad as the result they go after soft, weak, big busted "normal" women. Her 26" thighs can kill a man. Her 16" arms can crush a man until his bones snap. You'll see!! This woman is lethal.

By the way, you ought to see Bill Wick's Video #36 Lithuanian Thighs of Steel. She crushes 1 woman and 2 guys in that one.

Running time: 47 minutes

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