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Pam's Dangerous Curves


Pam's Dangerous Curves

My Ex-Husbands have always told me I was made of flexible steel. I am stronger than I look!

Title: Pam's Dangerous Curves
Running time: 35 minutes

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My Ex-Husbands have always told me I was made of flexible steel. I am stronger than I look! I am 5'7" 120lbs. and wrestling is something I do well. I am a gymnastics coach now but I was a ballet dancer for 20 years, so my legs have dangerous strength. I can get into positions no man can duplicate. . .so I easliy can get out of their holds - then it's my turn! I have a sort of 'love-lock' grip that always leaves my men breathless. They exhaust themselves struggling to unlock my legs and arms. I wrap around them like a constricting python until they can't breathe.

I've studied jujitsu and wrestling since I was six. I am 32 years old now and stronger than ever! Men don't go for my chest, it's my legs they want. I have long, lean thighs and strong hips. Some men never come back after I 'love-lock' them. The ones who do know that I am always in control of the relationship - I like that! I could snap their bones if I'm not careful - it's happened. Sometimes making love to a woman like me get dangerous. . .do you like danger?

-- Bill Wick

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