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Sheila Burgess in Deadly Embrace


Sheila Burgess in Deadly Embrace

Canada's national heavyweight bodybuilding champion and most dangerous wrestler battles a young college wrestler in a "real" contest.

Title: Sheila Burgess in Deadly Embrace
Running time: 45 minutes

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Sheila Burgess in Deadly Embrace

Sheila is 5'6", 160 lbs and skilled jiu-jitsu/wrestler. Her 26" man crushing thighs and 17.5" calves dominate young Fritz. She bench presses 250 lbs, and squats 315 lbs for reps. Her 16" biceps make headlock escapes impossible. Wrestling is like foreplay to her, it excites her erotically as she squeezes Fritz in "unbreakable" rib crushing grips until she becomes an uncontrollable sensual predator. She actually knocks Fritz out (really) in a jiu-jitsu triangle, her favorite hold. She's a very sensual woman, so watch out when those thighs lock around you, she may not let go. Be warned, her strength is over-powering when she becomes aroused as you will see in the bedroom scene. 45 mins

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