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She Kills with her Thighs

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She Kills with her Thighs

"I've been 6'3" since age 17. I am 31 and I know the advantages of these long legs. I could kill a man by wrapping them around his chest and squeezing the air out of his lungs or crushing his ribs.

Title: She Kills with her Thighs
Running time: 45 minutes

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She Kills with her Thighs

I weigh 180 lbs. My thighs are 25", calves 16", and my legs are 39" long. Did you see the James Bond movie "Goldeneye" where the woman kills men by squeezing them to death during sex? I could do that - I know I'd like it. I have squeezed guys "out" during sex. I lock up so tight they can't breath, the more they struggle the tighter I lock my thighs until they can't talk - then they pass out. This video shows how I could crush a man with my thighs. No one can unlock my legs when I get passionate, and I always get passionate when I wrap my legs around men. Most women do!"

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