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Squeezed Out


Squeezed Out

Valorie is 5'9", 160 lbs. of sensuous beauty. Her full muscular development and perfect symmetrical shape placed her 7th in the National Women's Bodybuilding Championships.

Title: Squeezed Out
Running time: 37 minutes

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Squeezed Out

She is working out in the gym when a male chauvinist suggests she go home and do some housework and leave the gym to the men. Outraged, she challenges the man to settle their differences that night. His mistake begins when he agrees. Her powerful muscles absolutely crushes the guy. The long crushing muscles in her thighs ripple with pythonic squeezing pressure. Her arms almost crack his ribs. In the end he is out cold -squeezed unconscious and made to promise never to come into the gym again. "I enjoy hearing men beg for mercy as I slowly squeeze them until they cannot breathe enough to speak." The action is 37 minutes of female fury and you can almost feel the intense pressure by watching Valorie's muscles contract around her victim!

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